Producing an Abundance of High-Quality Pinot Noir


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Ross Estate Vineyard is a premier source for two clones of Pinot Noir, Calera and Mt. Eden. Our vineyard is rich with the sandy loam, known as Gold Ridge soil. This soil is recognized for producing some of California’s best Pinot Noir grapes.

Why the Russian River Valley

Moderate in climate, the Russian River region experiences a cooling fog that rolls in from the Pacific Ocean typically at night. Pinot Noir grapes excel in this region, with the cooler temperatures helping to shape the precise acidity and the region’s sandy loam soils creating palate richness. Aromatically, the Pinot Noirs typically yield notes of wild strawberry, black cherry, smoke and earth.

Always for Healthy Harvests

Our small locally owned business stems from a wine lover’s deep interest in this distinctive varietal from this AVA. That’s why we endeavor to produce only the best quality grapes, making sure wine makers and alike have access to premium ingredients that always result in exemplary wine from this region. Within the years to come, we hope to become a locally loved winery that offers these world-class wines at the best possible prices.

Fog Ross Estate

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