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what sets us apart Quality-Focused Viticulture

What started as a passion for wine paved the way for the founding of Ross Estate Vineyard, a local source for premium grapes. It was acquired by a wine connoisseur who has been nurturing his passion for more than 15 years, emphasizing the value of using quality grapes to be used in creating elegant wines from this world renown AVA.

Our team places producing the best grapes of the Calera and Mt. Eden Piot Noir clones as their highest priority. We always strive to find ways to improve our growing methods and maintain the health of our vines and soils; ensuring exemplary grapes come harvest.

The Green Valley of the Russian River has long known for its taste-enhancing Gold Ridge Soil. The soil has a dark, yellowish, fine, sandy loam surface over a subsoil of golden yellow, sandy loam and fractured sandstone. It is derived from the remains of an ancient inland sea that slowly emptied into the Pacific three to five million years ago. It is particularly valuable for high-quality wine grape production because of its excellent drainage and low soil fertility. These characteristics allow it to be initially managed from a “low vigor” situation that may be readily customized with more water and/or nutrition, which directly contributes to wine quality.

Our dedication has been three years in the making; a steadily growing business of a wine enthusiast with the passion to produce great Pinot Noir. In the future, we plan to expand our company by producing our own selection of fine wines and becoming a locally preferred destination for wine lovers!


What Makes Our Grapes Different?

To learn more about the unique flavors of our grapes, please feel free to reach out to our team today.